Acre 121

Columbia Heights, DC

Thursday Night Division at Acre 121

Karaoke is always a good time. Click here to see the standings.

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1400 Irving St NW Washington, DC 20010

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District Karaoke would like to thank all of our supporters, sponsors, and partners!

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  • Mad Rose Tavern
  • Acre 121
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  • Fillmore Silver Spring
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  • Samuel Adams
  • We are just into performance and we love to win... and now we have an outlet in to express ourselves.

    The More We Drink, the Better You Sound

  • I should tell you our unofficial motto: Anyone can kick a ball, but only ballers can belt a ballad.

    The Commissioner

  • We compete. It's not really about the winning; it's about having fun. But the competition is the fun.

    Naughty by Nurture

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